A Day in the Life of a Clinical Student

A Glimpse of the Morning Routine

Have you ever wondered what the daily routine of a clinical student looks like? Well, in this video, we get a glimpse of a typical morning routine of a clinical student on her eighth clinical day. She wakes up early in the morning, enjoys her breakfast while watching her favorite show, Parenthood, and then gets ready for her clinical day.

The video starts with her enjoying her breakfast of oatmeal and strawberries at 5:23 AM. She then spends some time watching her favorite show before starting to get ready for the day. She leaves her house at around 6:35 AM and enjoys the beautiful sunrise on her way to school.

Getting Ready for Clinical Day

Once she arrives at the clinical site, she puts on her scrubs, which she can easily carry in her pockets because of her favorite fig pants. She spends a few moments getting herself ready and making sure that she is well-prepared for the day ahead.

She then heads to her clinical rotation, where she gets to learn and apply the knowledge she has gained in her classes. In this particular video, she is watching a documentary on Hulu called Aftershock, which discusses the high mortality rates and complications that black women face during pregnancy.

Overcoming Pre-Shift Anxiety

One of the things she mentions in the video is that she used to experience pre-shift anxiety and nerves, but they have gotten better over time. She shares that she has found activities such as meditation, exercise, and talking to her peers and mentors helpful in managing her anxiety.

The Importance of a Good Morning Routine

This video highlights the importance of having a good morning routine and taking care of oneself before starting a long day. The student in the video manages to have a slow and relaxing start to her morning, which helps her feel more prepared and confident for the day ahead.


In conclusion, this video provides an interesting insight into the morning routine of a clinical student. It shows the importance of starting the day on the right foot and taking care of oneself to ensure a successful day ahead. From enjoying a healthy breakfast to watching a favorite show, every step in the morning routine helps set the tone for a productive and fulfilling day.

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